Join, if you dare!!!

I strongly encourage anyone that passes my site to join. I talk about just about everything, so like I keep saying, feel free to leave comments and I will get to them very shortly(well, if its going to be anything like last time, where a goat is nibbling on my pants leg, then it may be a while:)...sorry). Anyway, so yeah, I've been trying to post everyday, it isn't as easy as I thought it would be, if you know what I mean, haha!! I do enjoy it though and I guess that's what really counts. Oh and this is what that stupid goat looks like*giggle*


Well guys, I'm officially a double major, now I will or at least I hope have a farther range of opportunities in the work field. Some say it is a "difficult", or "your in for a rough ride" but I think that if you like something enough then it won't be as bad. So whatever your going to be in the future, pay more attention to what you like rather than what kind of money you'll make, I mean come on, you don't want to be sad now--I know I don't! So, if you want to know the majors that I chose then leave a comment, I will certainly get to that question and whatever else that happens to pass my path. College is fun, choosing to study something you dislike can really mess things up in your social life, let me tell you, a social life is completely necessary here.*wink*

Twizzler Time

Well, its that time again, haha, twizzler time!!! Well, it doesn't taste that great but the texture is superb. I don't know what it is about them but I'm pretty much addicted to eating them, hehe,*trying to clarify that I eat them rather than anything else*. Ok, so heres a joke, hehe, you'll laugh your sphinkter off. Ok, Ok, I'll get on with it, ok, so, why is the sky blue?*chuckle*........................................................................................................
Its because Twizzlers took all the fricken red, hehe!!!! Anyway, I apologize for not posting, I've been caught up with lots of college work. There's only one type of college textbook and that is expensive--sheesh!!!After the beginning of this quarter my bill was higher than Mount Everest!!! Go Twizzlers!!!!!!
Strawberry TWIZZLERS Twists
Its Sunday, the day after Saturday, I don't have a good feeling about all this crazy school work, a large quantity of essays and numbers, almost impossible to complete within 600 years, that I know is huddling up into one massive burst of deadly flames. So, if you want me to tell you how my life is with stress, then I'd have to say, its going great! I love a good challenge and painstakingly long days that are coming up so fast and endless. Man, I love breaking my back trying to pick up several hundreds of papers that fell on my floor by this imaginary cat named Steve.(Stephen for short*giggle*, he doesn't want anyone to know his real name but if there's anything I know, then that would be that cats can't read words that are in parenthesis, whew, lucky break!) Anyway, but seriously college is fun and all its requires is some good preparation. College life for me is just getting better and better, I'm loving it!!


College is Fun:)

So, I went to this awesome place and it had fresh lobster. I said, "You got butter?" and they were like man you no likey lobstera plaina, get outa her. Hahaha, but then, only then, did I see this giant textbook filled with my high school memories, as if they were floating above me. Now I realize that college is fun and it helps in many ways. Of course you'll meet that one person in Chemistry that's an ass but don't sweat it. Where I am we have plenty of things to do and I don't think I'm going to get tired of it for a long time. I really wish I could have gotten that lobster! *tears pouring from face*
                                                     IS THIS RANDOMLY REDONCULOUS?!?!?!


Girls in college!!!

It can either be tough or easy to get the attention of these girls. It is definitely hard if you don't know how to work the situation*wink*. But, seriously, college is for study and if you choose that route then I'd say you'd have more of a chance to meet that special someone:). THAT WONDER WOMAN!!!
Gosh, I still feel like someone is watching me!



Continent Workers and the Public School System

7 Advantages of Contingent Workers
Cost Savings:
Paying employees nonproductive time
Benefits (health insurance, sick leave, holiday pay)
Taxes (Medicare)

Increased Efficiency 
To staff peak hours, days, periods for high demand
Lower demand, stop using
Advantages of Contingent Workers

Administrative savings
Lighten routine employee documentation
Remove service without firing
Better Job Security
“Core” employees feel secure when economic times get bad (contingent workers get fired first)

Recruiting Opportunities 
Valuable base of workers
Opportunity to evaluate performance

Broad Talent Pool
Special projects of duration, particularly  during seasonal projects

Maintaining and adjusting staffing levels
Increase staffing when needs are high and vice versa

5 Practical Risks of Contingent Workers:
Decreased loyalty and productivity 
Independent contractors and temps less motivated
Less loyal , less productive, and lower quality

Treated as “second-class citizens”
Feelings unrecognized or rewarded
5 Practical Risks Contingent Workers

Impact of Employees 
Reduction in force and hired contingent worker
Robbing overtime

No guarantee contingent workers won’t move to competitors

Increased training cost 
Higher turnover rates which leads to higher training cost
Video on Contingent Workers

Companies can choose vendors to supply contingent workers
Or hire employee to handle the contingent workforce of the company

Lots of regulations and legal actions regarding contingent workers
Final Opinion
Use contingent workers, but hire with care!

I can't breath!!!

 Ok, so, I've been neck deep in school work and it feels like, well, it feels like a bunch of papers. But if you want to be a real college kid, you muscle through it, you know what I'm saying. Haha, I feel like someone is watching me.

Its go time

Well, I'm finally getting up on my feet in the college life, trying to find the perfect ratio of work and play. For some, it can be the hardest thing to do but if you are prepared, then it can be quite simple. Everyone's perspective is different, that's why being limited in college, just in general, can be a pain but if you have the right state of mind, you can handle anything. This applies to studying, social life, and just about everything you'll expect to see or hear in college.

Second day(Awesome)

I'm continuing to post everyday at least once, assuming that no one needs anything from me, maybe a heads up about college. Here I am so feel free to be my friend and I won't have any problems with explaining those pesky college details and if I don't know, I always have friends to help me.

Its finally College

Don't worry if your still not here yet, you still have pretty flexible options so go for it. Anyway, I'm here and if you want to talk about college or just about anything even, I'll try my best:). It will be a pleasure just kicking back and talking to y'all about these big decisions, for instance, college, and how life changing they are. So if you can just chill while doing this site--its all you--then we'll have an awesome time. Later