Marketing Interview Within the Greek System


Researchers sometimes ask consumers to draw pictures of how they are feeling or how they perceive an object or brand.  These consumer drawings can unlock feelings or perceptions that might not surface in traditional interviews.


University fraternities and sororities are experiencing declining enrollment.  In the last three years, persons wishing to “rush” fraternal organizations has decreased an average of 10% per year.


 Identify a fellow student who is not enrolled in this class.  Provide the student a clean, white, 8.5 x 11” sheet of paper and ask him/her to draw a picture of a fraternity (if a male) or sorority (if a female) member.  You are not to provide them any additional instructions or comments and the person is free to draw any picture they like.  The pictures may include color, writing, or anything the person feels is necessary to best describe a fraternity/sorority member.  Once the picture is completed, ask the person to turn the paper over and complete the following sentences in their own words:

  1. Louisiana Tech Fraternities and Sororities are ______________________.
 Places to party and meet people in the university and local area__  Nationally recognized__  Where popular and sociable gather__  

  1. People who join fraternities and sororities at Louisiana Tech are ________.
Looking for friends and to fit it__  Have money__  Have family ties or friends__ 

  1. I believe fraternities and sororities should __________________________.

    Do more volunteer work/ give back to the community__  Avoid deaths/hazing__  ultimately be responsible___  Help in academics

Be sure that you complete the assignment in the order given above (the picture MUST be first, followed by the sentence completion test).

Turn In For Individual Assignment Grade:

Write a short memo summarizing your respondent’s feelings and perceptions about fraternities and sororities on campus (*Must be typed).  You may draw conclusions from their pictures, written comments, or any other body language or verbal comments made to you during your test.  Turn in your summary memo and the test paper (picture with written comments on back).

The respondent had a fairly knowledgeable understanding of the Greek system because he had once been a member of a fraternity and is an upperclassman.
The respondent emphasized fraternities and sororities  need to be responsible and avoid hazing as much as possible, while critics need to understand the importance of each individual frats history and