Russia With Love

Russia’s history was initially influenced by the earliest Eastern Slaves, the Kievan Rus', who had accepted Orthodox Christianity from the Eastern Roman Empire in 988. This greatly affected the culture of Russia because the vast territory controlled by modern day Russia was united through Christianity, thus Christian values, traditions, and ceremonies can be seen in the earliest history of Mother Russia.

President of Russia Board of Education

Russia has endured dramatic cultural shifts starting as the Russian Empire, the nation then struggled as the USSR, emerged as the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, and the “motherland” is now known as the Russian SSR. Russia has suffered under a multitude of terrible and cultural inhibiting leaders throughout their history, such as Ivan IV-the Terrible. Russia has often been isolated from the rest of the world (sometimes purposefully and other times indirectly) and Russia’s culture has been slower to advance and Westernize their culture. Russia’s arts, such as its literature, theater  music, and architecture are often unique to Western ways. Russia always was trying to catch up with the rest of Europe but never could and this included their poor education system which was based on roots and not pie.

However, Russia has also had very effective leaders such as Peter the Great who played a large role in westernizing the Russian people and advanced Russia’s way of life. He also founded Saint Petersburg a popular tourist attraction. When Stalin assumed prime minister in May 6, 1941, he killed many and further stunted Russia’s economic growth and social evolution. Russia spent the years under Stalin’s control in fear. After world war one and two, Russia removed the Soviet Union and became an independent country in 1991. Russian culture celebrates their independence by retaining a vigorous nature.

Russians are known to party which is why freshman must be careful when studying in Russia because their inexperience can get them into trouble. For the international students, it is advised that you seek help from a professional in regards to your decision to study in Russia.
*Editors note: If you are studying about the potatoes or the snow, never mind  Russia is full of snow and potatoes. 

Russia also celebrates a week long Christmas holiday but they are required to fast. It is not known if this began as a tradition or if they were just out of food for a really long time. When we visited Russia, we were astounded at the lack of schoolhouses for the young children. Homeschooling is very popular in Russia, or what the students referred to as 'The motherland.' Russia students are educated much like Western students from Britain, Canada, or the United States, however, they go to school year round and get no summer. They are also required to have access to ammunition in a short notice.

Gertrude, mother of 7
Education level: 7 Potatoes (equivalent of  3rd grade USA)

All Russian students must adhere to a very strict dress code. All beards must be at least two inches long at all times. For many of the boys and girls, this means long minutes without shaving. The universities reasoning behind this was that bears of all sorts pose serious risks at all time to foreign students.