Case Analysis: United Steel Union- AFL CIO v. NLRB

  1. Are you in agreement with the court’s assessment?
Yes I am in agreement with the court’s decision because Jones hired the replacement workers as permanent workers to the company. Also with all of the evidence that the NLRB has received for the striking workers and the replacement workers I feel as though the decision to refuse the appeal is the correct action.
  1. Once the replacement workers are hired, does the employer owe any allegiance to the workers who went on strike?

No, I do not believe so. Even though Jones did offer some of the striking employee’s positions and some of them accepted I do not believe that they had to do this because the replacement employees were hired as permanent employees to the company. The striking employees were costing the company money, why should they have to show allegiance to people who do not truly care about the operations of the organization.

  1. What would be an ethical resolution to this case?

An ethical resolution would be to maintain every replacement employee because they signed a contract of permanence, but to also offer jobs to the workers that went on strike. If anyone in either group is dissatisfied by these actions then since it is at-will they are free to leave at any time.