Dormitory Dorm Life at Louisiana State University

Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Louisiana State University has a  mediocre- at its best- dorm set up. Students do no like the old and poorly maintained dormitories. For a college with such a large population, a student would expect more from their living condition, especially for their first year in college. Student claim these dorms are in poor condition and can be difficult to study in. However, apartments for college students in the area are not cheap either, although they may be more comfortable and offer better study environments.
At LSU (Louisiana State University) freshman are not required to live on campus like some other universities in Louisiana such as Louisiana Tech University in Ruston. Living in the dorms is a great way to meet new friends.

5 tips to get along with a new dorm roommate:

1. Don't be messy and clean up after yourself. Because you are in college, your parents are not going to clean up after you anymore.
2. Don't bring your boyfriend or girlfriend around if you two feel like doing more than hanging out. This will make your roommate uncomfortable and studying will be difficult.
3. Don't play your music to loud. Your colleagues are trying to study and focus not listen to your loud music. Get headphones.
4. Don't always be borrowing money. No one like the person who always is asking for money, and if you do borrow money, make sure to repay your roommate as fast as possible.
5. Be generous and accommodating. If you order a pizza offer you're roommate a slice.

If you follow those five tips you and your roommate should have an enjoyable time in the dorm. Dorm life can be stressful, but college causes stress especially for freshman.

College Freshman at LSU talk highly of their experience living in the middle of the largest college campus in Louisiana. The opportunity to meet other freshman is perfect for the social aspect of college. Despite the competition to get into one of the good dorms, especially for freshman, on-campus residence is often a learning experience and important to grow as a college student. It is the college student's choice what to do with their time, and their are plenty of opportunities to get involved with on-campus associations and groups.
College life is what you make of it. Students generally love living on campus because it is accommodating and close to the classrooms and other important buildings.
Baton Rouge is a prime location for college students, and LSU students experience a exciting and enjoyable social life in addition to living arrangements and a nationally acclaimed football team. Geaux Tigers can be seen on signs or painted on the bodies of students.
LSU offers classes that being new meaning to the term "student-athlete" giving their reputation as one of the greatest schools in the south- in academics and athletics- even more truth.

Finals Week

Finals week! Those two words bring up more stress than realizing Obama will probably win again for President of 2012. For finals week its recommended to not do much but keep a sleep schedule tight and try to study as much as possible. My study habits, and those of my colleagues, have always been under harsh criticism from teachers. Teachers say "Don't wait until the night before to start studying... etc..." Well guess what professor? That's exactly how this entire class studies. Which is funny in the short run, until you realize your a classroom with future doctors, lawyers, and politicians.