Continent Workers and the Public School System

7 Advantages of Contingent Workers
Cost Savings:
Paying employees nonproductive time
Benefits (health insurance, sick leave, holiday pay)
Taxes (Medicare)

Increased Efficiency 
To staff peak hours, days, periods for high demand
Lower demand, stop using
Advantages of Contingent Workers

Administrative savings
Lighten routine employee documentation
Remove service without firing
Better Job Security
“Core” employees feel secure when economic times get bad (contingent workers get fired first)

Recruiting Opportunities 
Valuable base of workers
Opportunity to evaluate performance

Broad Talent Pool
Special projects of duration, particularly  during seasonal projects

Maintaining and adjusting staffing levels
Increase staffing when needs are high and vice versa

5 Practical Risks of Contingent Workers:
Decreased loyalty and productivity 
Independent contractors and temps less motivated
Less loyal , less productive, and lower quality

Treated as “second-class citizens”
Feelings unrecognized or rewarded
5 Practical Risks Contingent Workers

Impact of Employees 
Reduction in force and hired contingent worker
Robbing overtime

No guarantee contingent workers won’t move to competitors

Increased training cost 
Higher turnover rates which leads to higher training cost
Video on Contingent Workers

Companies can choose vendors to supply contingent workers
Or hire employee to handle the contingent workforce of the company

Lots of regulations and legal actions regarding contingent workers
Final Opinion
Use contingent workers, but hire with care!


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