The University of Mississippi, better known as Ole Miss

This public college is known throughout the south for their athletics and southern charm. The only problem is that graduates of this school, are realizing the difficulty to find jobs located outside of Mississippi. Mississippi ranks low compared to other states on education and academic performance- among other standards such as quality of life, employment, crime, and average annual salaries. Students, now in debt from their student loans, are realizing that their undergraduate degree from Mississippi State may guarantee a life and career inside the state. The state has a reputation of being "backwards" in regards to equality, compared to more progressive and liberal states such as California.
The Rebels!
This isn't just speculation. The state of Mississippi is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina which devastated their Gulf Coast. The BP oil spill didn't help in their endeavors to improve the state's economy. With high crime rate, low test scores and average incomes, some parts of the state are still facing incredibly difficult economic times. It is ranked as one of the worst states to find a job in, with an unfortunate increasing unemployment rate. This rate correlates to the academic and educational abilities of the area. Harsh immigration laws also harm the state in regards to tax revenue and employment.
However, even with these facts, alumni such as U.S. Senator Trent Lott graduated from Ole Miss, as did William Faulkner. This school also has a spectacular law program which has graduated many effective lawyers and senators. Also, the location of the campus puts the school outside of some of the more rural and poverty stricken areas.
In addition, Ole Miss offers The Residential College South, which is a program that helps a diverse group of students to grow academically and socially. Another response to the school's critics comes from the college's undergrad honor society, which was chosen by Phi Beta Kappa and is known for its prestige. The campus' location puts it in walking distance from the only children's hospital in Mississippi. The school also recently added three new dorms, known as The Ridges. This will help house their growing student body. There is also a local skate park for those students who enjoy extreme sports such as skateboarding or rollerblading. These activities can be a great way to get an adrenaline boost and also ease the stress of school.
The Higgs Boson discovery took years of scientific advancement and drastic amounts of knowledge and dedication. This state school is responsible for researchers who helped make this advancement possible. UM is known for respectable degrees in Business Administration, Elementary Education, Finance, and Journalism. UM graduated a record breaking 112 pharmacists, showing the exceptional work of their Pharmaceutical College.
This goes to show that a student's life is what they decide to make of it. With motivation and hard-work, the scholar can rise out of desolation. The economy of the southern state of MS is still growing and their respect for equality is also progressing. The school of UM is certainly helping to bring Mississippi from out of the dust.
The Ole Miss Rebels play UCA on September 1st in Oxford for their season's opening football game.

"On behalf of knowledge and wisdom"
Founded: 1848
Campus Location: Oxford, MS
Mascot: Rebels
Football Stadium: Vaught Hemingway Stadium
Gym/ Weight Training Building: Turner Center
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