Sorry guys and gallbladders, I mean gals:D

Anyway, i'm so sorry, I have been gone for so long. But I have a perfectly legitimate explanation:). It was a foggy night and I couldn't see without my glasses. There was this orb and I got all intertwined in its grace and beauty but only then did it launch itself at me and I got knocked out for, amazingly, 3 weeks--wowzerz:). But for real I've been extremely stressed and all tensed up about school and all the work that I have to get done by a certain amount of time. I have finally realized that online the friends I make can help me with thatXD. So, do whatever you guys do, barf on your computer, twittle your hair, eat ten bags of sugar, cuz you'll need it if ya wanna ketchup with me:).

My apologies!!!!

Since I've been in college there has been so much work to do, its just keeping my blogging at a standstill, good thing I have this time machine, whew, what would I do without you. Oh, I recently learned that a byproduct of using a time machine is saggy skin, pickle cravings, knowledge hungry, writer bloc.....oh wait, I get it now, so it wasn't the time was__@%+tg^4$