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The Florida State University is a highly populated school known for its warm beach parties and social atmosphere. Sciences, arts -such as theater and film, and engineering are major areas of study. The students are also highly active in supporting equal rights including the LGTBQ's. Even during the 60's students were protesting and voicing their opinions about racial integration and the involvement of the United States in Vietnam. Since then, FSU students; can be seen helping others in addition to standing up for their beliefs. Recently FSU students developed a website to help children's advocacy groups. Florida State students have always been opinionated and unyielding on their beliefs.
Nole-ympian Correspondents at the Olympic Games 2012
The college has recently made developments and improvements around campus as their student population swells and this includes the new Advocacy Center which has a delicious apple tree planted in front. The school also is finishing construction on its new Wellness Center, which is just another example of the renovations the school took over the summer. On the other side f campus, on the east side of the Union Courtyard, students can see the ongoing improvements to the buildings as it is almost completed. FSU hopes to have most of its renovations done before Seminole Sensation Week which occurs right before the fall, when freshman and other students gather to celebrate returning to school and being among friends and colleagues. Among other changes students can expect in the fall is located in the school's library which is now The Werkmeister Humanities Reading Room. The Werkmeister Humanities Reading Room is not longer a place for books but rather a collection of memorabilia and tributes which recognize and educate on the school's history and pride. Florida State had graduate students taking the bar exam the week of July 24th, a test which many students probably lost sleep over as they studied and reviewed. This school is constantly outgoing and impressing this blog by participating in activities including having professors write for the nationally acclaimed newspaper "The New York Time." Alum are also striving to set good examples for their undergraduate colleagues, including Leron Rogers who made it into Men's Book. If that isn't enough to impress any future college students, FSU professors recently helped in finding the Higgs boson particle as a researched with the highly intelligent scientists at CERN.
A rich history is found in The Seven Days of Opening Nights Festival which actually lasts much longer than a week. Artists and performers gather to entertain and dazzle audiences. The Festival was foudned in 1999. This college isn't without tarnish however. Who could forget the loss of Seminole Greg Reid from the FSU football team this year because he was asked to leave the college. Florida's official art museum, The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, is operated by FSU. This comes as no surprise because of their remarkable music and arts program.
Florida State also sent 12 students to London, England to report on the 2012 Olympics. The student correspondents had much to say in their letter back to the school about the sporting events and also run a Tumblr.
No review of Florida State would complete without mentioning their nationally recognized Law Moot Court Team. Their court team took first prize at the 2012 Kaufman Memorial Securities Law Moot Court Competition.

Motto: Strength, Skill, Character
Founded: 1851
Campus Address: 600 W College Ave Tallahassee, FL 32306
School Phone Number: (850) 644-6200
Colors: Garnet, Gold
Nickname: Seminoles
Website: http://www.fsu.edu