International Students and Stability

The students of Venezuela, Syria, and Turkey must face classes during a time of political instability. Their economies are suffering and as a result so is the educational system for these countries.

Hugo Chavez is terminally ill and cannot attend getting sworn into office for a third term. The country now does not know who their leader is going to be because the interim president is an appointed official, not an elected one, and his appointment expires with the presidential term in which he was named. This will put Venezuelan politics in limbo until the president’s status is resolved.

Forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad are fighting off rebel forces by restricting the countries freedom to access the internet and the policy is being met with heavy opposition and resistance from Syrians. Citizens are desperate to access the internet and are often using the country’s spotty cell phone connections and foreign aid to get online.

A Syrian mortar hit Akcakale, Turkey which caused Turkey to invade the bordering country Syria, despite international opposition from the EU and Muslims. The border town of Akcakale has been deserted, blurring the geographical boundaries of the countries. International countries urge Turkey to avoid escalation and to prevent further casualties.