Columbia University

Columbia University is an historic and religious school. Their motto actually comes from Psalm 36:9 of the Christian Bible. Columbia's schools include two different religious Seminaries: Jewish Theological Seminary and Union Theological Seminary. Columbia's academics are highly respected especially their Liberal Arts and Bio-medical Engineering programs. Columbia's students are expected to be intelligent, mature, self-motivated, and above all respectful. New York City is a vibrant and culturally diverse area to study, though some students feel unsafe because of its location to Harlem.
Either way, the highly populated city and surrounding cities of Columbia, give their students excellent opportunities for networking and developing important and often life-long connections.
Columbia is the fifth oldest college in the United States and the oldest college in New York. Their law school is prestigious, competitive, challenging, and respected. The professors and students share a remarkable connection because they are both dedicated to improving their knowledge and advancing their unmatched research. With a small student-to-teacher ration, learning is often personalized which leads to a high percentage of successful graduates. Columbia grew from a small King’s College to the renowned and respected research university that is today.
Columbia has taught some of the brightest minds in neuroscience, engineering, arts, and journalism which has advanced various areas of the research field. Columbia has over 200 organizations besides athletics for their students to get involved with including various on and off campus activities. The students organization at Columbia are renowned for their ability to improve the quality of the college experience. Student at Columbia University are expected to be self-motivated and highly dedicated and this gives them social and academic freedom around campus. After graduating, Columbia Lions can be expected to be a part of a highly loyal alumni group and can expect to earn a lot of money.

Motto: In Thy light shall we see light
Founded: 1754
Campus Location: Manhattan, NY
Colors: White, Columbia Blue, White
Mascot: Lions
Athletics: NCAA Division 1
Tuition: (approx) $41, 000 a year
Ivy League: Yes

Fraternity's: Serious Business

This happened at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana. What you see is the remains of one the most "fratty" of the frats in this backwoods area. Ruston is a small college town in North Louisiana and word about the Pike's house spread faster than the fire. The newspapers and initial investigation state that the fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, was having a fire when the blaze got out of control. The fire happened on the last day of the school year, so it was thought that the frat was simply burning their old text books and playing volleyball--very frat-star and Greek by any traditional college terms-- when the attic or something caught an ember. However, when sirens awoke everyone sleeping in a 3 mile radius at 4 in the morning, it was apparent the party had literally set the roof on fire. Official reports could easily be misguided because of the prestige and financial investments that the Pi Kappa's and their alumni have in this small college town. So upon further investigation, other details surface.
Word on the street is that Sigma Nu, the rivals of Pi Kappa and also their neighbors, did it in retaliation.
Speculators and inside sources say that Pi Kappa Alpha of Louisiana Tech had damaged the cars of the Sigma Nu's who live right next door. In retaliation, some think that the Sigma Nu's of Louisiana Tech decided to burn the house of their rivals to the ground.
Another student at Louisiana Tech, who was at the the last party at the Pi Kappa Alpha house, suspects a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory located in their basement as being responsible for the charred remains of the house of one of Louisiana Tech's most prestigious and financially well off fraternity. Rivalries between fraternities seem to vary from campus to campus, but one thing remains the same: there is a big difference between college hi-jinks and arson.
Upon further investigation, it was concluded that police arrived in time to escort everyone outside of the fraternity house, even one frat member who was sleeping.
There are many questions that arise, because the fire was described as an "explosion" by everyone in ear shot as well as fire fighters. So how was this one member sleeping through not only an end-of-the-year party but also a fiery explosion? The picture above was taken once the sun rose. Hours later the brick walls and remains were further torn down, leaving nothing but a flat land of charred remains and hidden secrets.

Big Man on Campus

Everyone knows Mister Cool. He has the social skills that made him popular in high school and now he's even more awesome that he's in college and his parents bought him everything his heart could desire. Chances are he's involved in a fraternity and everyone enjoys partying with this socialite.
The problem with Mister Cool and his swag lifestyle is that college is not all about parties or meeting tons of women, though it is certainly a part. College is mostly about furthering your education, which is something most freshman struggle with. This is why freshman year for many students, though not academically the most difficult, is still the most challenging year and why drop-out rates are so high.
Learn to balance your time unless you plan on college being one year long party. If that's your goal enjoy it while you can, because you're bound to lose scholarships, money, and parental support. Learn to be independent and make responsible choices. There will be certain days (or nights) where you simply cannot go out and party with your new found friends. These includes nights before exams, interviews, or in-class presentations. If freshman realized that by choosing their party nights and their study nights carefully, there will be greater career success as well as future parties down the road.
Getting a girlfriend freshman year can certainly complicate an already challenging situation for the incoming freshman. Of course, the cool crowd (not that much has changed since high school) will seem to balance money, girls, party, and school with ease; however, when their final grades come in, they are sure to realize how studying would have improved their grades.
There will always be another party, but there may not always be another chance to submit your report on time or to know everything you need for a final test. Professors my freshman year were much more lenient when it came to submitting reports and such on time than my senior level classes were. So keep in mind that if you barely made it by freshman year in regards to having late papers submitted you may have to change your study methods and style of work.
Academic integrity is something that the socialite may lack and he may try and cheat on tests or on papers. The only person this hurts is him, both in the long run and in the risk necessary in the short run. The best bet for all incoming freshman is to learn the importance or organization and respect for the teachers in the classroom.

Harvard University

Harvard University is a name that represents prestige, honor, tradition, and academic excellence. The professors are incredibly challenging all while the students enjoy the tremendous challenge of their courses. A degree from Harvard sets you apart from other college graduates. Harvard's two schools: Harvard College of Medicine and the Harvard Law School are almost cliche in their competitiveness and overly demanding course agenda.
Harvard University is a member of the Ivy League. Harvard is so elite that Amy Poehler and other celebrities frequently make speeches to the student body. Their graduating class is incredibly equipped with the tools needed for success. Their alumni offer nation wide support. Few citizens have the financial means, the knowledge, or the blood-line to make it into Harvard, which is why Harvard is known for their letters of rejection.
Harvard in its early years kept women segregated however the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study which had once been all females, became a part of the larger Harvard college. Harvard even has recently had a women president.
Harvard graduates have high expectations to live up to because many will just say that all college knowledge is the same. However, given their academic excellence and facbook origins, it is doubtful that a Harvard graduate will find himself in a difficult time no matter what his degree or focus of study.

Motto: "Truth"
Established: 1636 (Oldest Ivy League School)
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Color(s): Crimson
Athletic Division: NCAA I and Ivy League

Brown University

The Gates of Brown University
In 1764 when Brown was established, it became of the first academies of higher education in the New England area. Brown is an Ivy League School with especially competitive English and History courses. The college also offers one of the most challenging medical programs via the Warren Alpert Medical School. Brown's classes are small which aids in specialized learning and research. Graduates often focus on International Relations and Affairs, Economics, Science, and Biological Science majors.
Students and faculty both view Thayer Street as the heart of the social life for Brown colleagues. Their is always something to do there and it shows the spirit of a college town, where the students play and party just as hard as they study.
Brown is known for their "Spring Weekend" held every year which epitomizes their elite athletic, academic, and social classes. The admission for Brown is incredibly competitive and Brown University only accepts the best of the best students. Students who are disciplined enough to succeed in the challenging environment brown offers.
Outside of the classroom, students are engaged in all sorts of extra activities around Brown's beautiful campus. Brown is also complimented on its well served cafeteria and students are always pleased with the quality of their meals and on-campus residency.

Motto: In God We Hope
Location: Providence, RI
Colors: White, Seal Brown, Cardinal Red
Athletics: NCAA I Conference
Notable Alumni: John D. Rockefeller Jr., John F. Kennedy Jr., and Ted Turner
Brown University Official Site

Stanford University

Stanford University "Go Cardinals!"
Located in Stanford, California right outside Silicon Valley, Stanford University is prestigious and preppy college. College Cranium reviews Stanford based around their excellent athletic abilities and intelligence in the classroom. Despite a high tuition and a very low acceptance rate, Stanford Cardinals excel on and off the field and both inside and outside the classroom. It is viewed as one of the top Christian Universities. The research and experiments conducted by Stanford use the most up-to-date technology. The university allows both undergraduates and graduate students to work personally with the staff and professors to provide the ideal learning environment. Few schools rival the academic integrity and research capabilities of Stanford. Students realize the competitive nature of their major (especially medical and law students) and through this competition the students excel on Stanford's Campus. Being a Stanford University graduate means having unlimited possibilities for your future. Colleagues love the environment and scenic weather and social life of a California University.

Motto: Die Luft der Freiheit weht
Founded: 1885
Colors: White and Red
Mascot/ Nickname: Cardinals
Tuition: $38,676
Website to Stanford University

Yale University

The Yale Bulldogs are confident, prestigious, educated, and ambitious. Founded in 1701, in May 2012 Yale University will celebrate their 311th graduation. Yale is a member of the Ivy League, the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) as well as the Association of American Universities (AAU). Yale is ultimately three colleges, the undergraduate college, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and also thirteen professional colleges.
Yale has a rich and unique history being such a mature college. They excel in research, management, and mathematics. Their graduation rate is above 95% which is amazing for a university with classrooms as small as twenty-five students.
Yale has a specific scholarship and grant program for financial aid. For tuition or dissertation support, independent projects, or research internships Yale offers financial aid in the form of Fellowships, which are unique to Yale. Fellowships can also be awarded for formal coursework and studying language outside of the United States. Community and Public Works are another way to help pay Yale's expensive tuition by collecting a potential Fellowship.
Yale is known for its campus wide parties and dances in addition to the night-life in Downtown New-Haven. Fraternities and Greek life are one way to spend a Friday or Saturday night, but the bars often do local specials for Yale students.

Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Motto: Light and truth
Rivals: Harvard
Attended: George W. Bush, John Kerry, and Meryl Streep
Tuition Cost (2012): $53,070
Tuition Costs are estimates and may not be 100% accurate

Advantages to College

These are FIVE advantages to going to college. Many people argue that the student loans and high tuition fees outweigh the opportunity costs for a students time. As a college student, I feel the need to blog about the reasons college is worth the time and money.
1. Social Skills
College helps you meet new people that you didn't know from high school. These people are students just like you with the same goals and objectives. It is not always easy, especially as a freshman, to introduce yourself and be social.
2. Academic Knowledge
Study and go to class are the two rules that every student must follow to gain knowledge. Book knowledge comes second to experience, but without book knowledge it may be difficult to get experience in the field of your choice.
3. Budget Your Time and Money
No one is telling you to go to class and no one is forcing you to spend your time studying, so learn to manage your time. Money is tight for college students. This is why the Ramen Noodle diet is so popular and students get used to living on the bare minimum.
5. Learn Career Skills
Jobs in this day and age want students who can show a degree. Learn useful information that will take you far in your career by studying and paying attention in class. By graduating with a degree you show potential employers that you have what it takes to be successful in life and it shows dedication.