Its Sunday, the day after Saturday, I don't have a good feeling about all this crazy school work, a large quantity of essays and numbers, almost impossible to complete within 600 years, that I know is huddling up into one massive burst of deadly flames. So, if you want me to tell you how my life is with stress, then I'd have to say, its going great! I love a good challenge and painstakingly long days that are coming up so fast and endless. Man, I love breaking my back trying to pick up several hundreds of papers that fell on my floor by this imaginary cat named Steve.(Stephen for short*giggle*, he doesn't want anyone to know his real name but if there's anything I know, then that would be that cats can't read words that are in parenthesis, whew, lucky break!) Anyway, but seriously college is fun and all its requires is some good preparation. College life for me is just getting better and better, I'm loving it!!


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