Marketing 300 Method Video Case

Why was the US household cleaning industry so appealing to the founders? That is, what did they do differently to compete in this industry? Be sure to answer this question, at least in part, using the concept of segmentation.
The market was static and because it had not changed much in a while Method segmented the market into homeowners and anyone in a kitchen, to anyone who didn’t want to have to hide their cleaning products.

How did Method differentiate itself in the marketplace?
Method positioned itself as more of an accessory not like the ugly same old. They connected it back to the household, and focused on safety.

What percent of businesses succeed according to the founders?
5 percent

How long did the founders engage in market research? Did they use qualitative research, quantitative research, or both?
A full year in research into the combined 20 billion dollar market category. They used both types of research to realize the premium segment within that market

In the minds of the founders, the brand = the ____________.
Promise, the consumer gets from the product, and the product delivers on that promise.

Methods #1 promotion vehicle, at the beginning continuing through today, was what?
Packing. Make it impressive and strand out

After founding the firm, the founders took what key management step?
They used the desire method, instead of consistency focused on an everyday moment of luxury, example of Starbucks Coffee. Method had an elastic brand Packing design communication, merchandising statement by bringing their brand together, test ran a store dedicated to subject of cleaning, advertising- emotional spark, entertaining, no celebrity endorsement, positioned to a healthy home

The four key elements identified in their Situation Analysis around which they built their “monster brand” was what?
Mass channel, grocery, club, and drug. So a design/positioning, environmental responsibility, house old safety, speed to market,

The key criterion/criteria that Method needed in a retail partner was what?
Price, but also to play with creative players. Sharing a vision and overlap of target guest and method target demographic and also positioned the design.

The four components of Method’s competitive advantage were what?
Green living, social responsibility (innovation), available to find and at a good price, design a positive agenda by channeling inequity creativity and drive

What is a “Media Provocateur”? What is a “Lead Green Chef”?
Lead Green Chef was an environmental science research foundation studying environmental impact- his name Anam Rowley,
Media Provocateur- separated Method from the normal cleaning design that companies had been approaching for 50 years, they stop educating people and started inspiring

Briefly, what was Method’s pricing strategy?
Cheaper than their competitors, used good design and creativity, also stay domestic no matter how it affects price, and make it safe.

What key environmental trends did Method take advantage of?
They took advantage of speed to market and especially the green trend that developed nations have. Everyone is green now,, unlike 20 years ago. Instead of educating, encourage the other business to engage and inspire rather than educate

Name one socially responsible act that Method completed/took part in.Planted trees by an airport to prove they are carbon natural and use all natural energy.

Did Method have a global vision? Give two examples of this vision. What mistake did they make going global?
Yes. One was asy entry into Canada who has the same importance of design and environmental responsibility. Second, Retail consolidation in UK, and can converse with many people easily, which helped in the market.
Their mistake was not realizing languages barriers, secure the brand name in certain places so they had to change the name and design.

How did Method make global expansion easier and cheaper?
They focus on retail versus target market, building development on one retailer instead of whole country and can get into multiple countries they don’t need to be in every retailer, thus they can say they Differentiate from other products/ retailers

Was Method’s manufacturing strategy: to manufacturer locally or outsource?
Locally. They are made in America, 90% are manufactured domestically,

What foreign markets would Method not compete in well? Why?
Developing markets, lucrative- China/India, fundamental needs are developing still, but once they mature then they would be a good market for Method to compete in.

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Method Video Case Assignment

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