Career Fair: Advice, ProTips, and Motivation for Jobs

Career fairs or festivals are when many companies and business gather at a college campus to promote their business and try to recruit students who would help their company succeed. All grade levels are encouraged to attend this event, often dubbed Career Days, because classes are usually canceled so that students can attend the career fair and not miss class material. Career expos are a chance for potential employees to meet with employers to realize what is expected of them as future graduates who will be competing in the workforce. In the growing technological era, and during current economic times, this may also encompass an international market and workforce which can be overwhelming to many students who may not even be accustomed to receiving any paycheck never yet a salary or commissioned earning.

When attending Career Day try to find one or two friends to go with, this will help ease the social awkwardness many feel when in a large group of people with whom they are in direct competition. Students should be aware of the companies who are eager to recruit knowledgeable graduates in their specific study. Getting information from an engineering firm when Literature is your major is highly unadvised. Many college students need to "shy away from shyness" and open up to new experiences outside their comfort zone. Career Day is a chance for corporations through franchises and human resource managers to reach the cream of the crop of applicants. If working for a big business and national and international superstar such as Nike has been a career goal, then attending the Job Fair and being optimistic is a necessary step towards reaching satisfaction. On another side, local jobs from the community, such as Ruston, Louisiana's "Peach Orchard" or New York, New York's local cheesecake bakery "Cheese in my Cake" attend the local colleges to find talent at home. Career fairs are important because they are an example of companies searching for external workers outside of their organization. While, on a small-scale, minimum-wage/ hourly job, external recruiting is common, on the corporate level it usually isn't. This is because internal recruiting, that is, hiring through promotion or job postings is common because it is less risky and the employee has already demonstrated capability.

Companies understand that all levels of students are there, from freshman to graduating seniors. It is important for lower class students such as freshmen and sophomores to attend to gather experience and develop a reputation and face-value. For Juniors and Seniors, Career Day is a time to look into the near future and set goals and objective that utilize the years of hard studying (and some partying) done at the university. The contacts and information obtained from these events can dramatically change your starting salary and future plans for travel, family, or any monetary destination.
Businesses will set up booths with varying degrees of attention-getting material. This can range from poster boards and large colorful signs to basketball nets and pinball machines. Some companies may have a single sheet of paper to represent their company. This would represent endless possibilities and infinite potential for their young lives. Their main objective as a company is to get as many students over to their booth and to try and pitch their missions, philosophies, and job duties. They focus on finding potential employees with the right characteristics to fit the job, also known as person-job-fit. Another analysis these businesses may be doing is known as a organizational-job-fit which is how well the person will fit into their organization in regards to the company's mission and overall nature. Imagine the difference between working for a tax company with strict deadlines and very formal atmosphere compared to working in a stimulating, bright, and social environment that many sales teams contribute to, such as Zappos.

Dress formally and remember how important first impressions can be to a new client. Many students are not aware of marketing aspects which demonstrate how difficult it is to change a bad first impression into a good one. It is far more difficult to change a poor first impression into a positive one, than it is to go from a good first impression to a negative. The school's career center as well as dean's of study can be excellent sources of information for what to expect and how to behave at a career fair.
Speak with confidence and have an idea of what you are expecting. Why have you been studying all these years at college when you could have been working a minimum-wage job and being lazy?

State schools around the country and internationally are recruiting at younger and younger ages. Some new college students may be familiar with career days because they were offered during high school. This is because the market is becoming increasingly more competitive and is growing a measurable amount into international trade and globalization. By starting Job Fairs early, companies hope to avoid ethnocentric and nationalistic thinking that many young Americans believe. Realizing the power of external and foreign markets is a necessary step for new employees entering work and trying to support a family or their internal needs and goals.
Internships are highly competitive and very few spots are available. What's more, is that an internship is often unpaid and doesn't guarantee a job when the internship is over. This is why it is important for students to seek information from the Career Center, internet, books, gas-stations, and the Lady of the Mist for info about what opportunities are afforded to the student, given their qualifications and initial impressions. All college graduates need to be aware the challenges of finding a suitable career. Career Day experts, such as Professor Doctor Mary Allen Garbonzo P.h.d. M.d.  recommends three keys to finding a successful and satisfying career. First, the job must be challenging to avoid boredom and monotony. Second, the job must offer some sort of post-performance reward, specifically internally- where the worker feels accomplished and can view his accomplishments as positive (such as completing the building a bridge, a supervisor manager will feel accomplished and motivated); however, companies have been known to give external rewards such as gift-certificates when intrinsic rewards are rare, for a successful Network Security management. Third, Professor Doctor Garbonzo PhD, MD, recommends a career where the employee feels they are contributing to the overall benefit of the company. Graduates should be aware of these keys to happiness for long-term success. Now that the job market demands college graduates, to an extent unforeseeable in the 1980's, college career days are opportunities of a lifetime for those young academics who are able to complete the challenges presented by higher level education.

Many of these expositions can occur on a seasonal basis depending on the demand of the local community. Many franchises look to these fairs as a main source of employee recruitment and job-retention.  This increases the importance of making a good first impression, being formally dressed, well groomed, and professional  Try standing out from the massive amount of other students by standing up straight, speaking clear, and acting upper class and alpha. No business or Human Resource center is going to want to higher some beta student before they employ an alpha specimen. This is because alpha's demonstrate the characteristics of leadership, sociability, agreeableness, and success that the firm needs.
Put a smile on and be confident and creative. These are all surefire means of being a huge success and making career day as informational and effective towards a lifetime of high paying careers, and also being thankful that the time and risks spent by furthering education pay off financially.

Twitter Butlers and the Future of Classrooms

Jobs exist today that didn't exist five years ago. "Twitter Butlers" is a profitable and extremely well paying job that duties require a third party 'live-tweeting' the actions of whomever they are catering to. Students are constantly being told to turn off their phones in class just so teachers can show some video on a projector from the internet. The writers of this blog would like to stress to teachers the importance of knowing how to work simple technology which the students have perfected since adolescence. The importance of unbiased and abstract thinking information is incredibly important in a digital era.

Imagine, without creative thinking or sparks of genius, engineers- the most unoriginal studiers out there- must think differently at some point or else their field wouldn’t advance with society and these brilliant servants of science would only be memorizing the same old formulas generation after generation. The same is true for computer programmers. For both engineers and computer programmers, the importance and challenge of learning the material is only half the battle. The other half of the program is recognizing where modifications and independent paths can be chosen instead of the textbook answer.

No university could prepare students for this sort of job world. Sixty-five percent, OVER HALF, of CEO's don't have a personal twitter and don't know how to use one for marketing gains. The impact of social media has grown like an epidemic. The heads of corporations were just realizing how to add their wife on Facebook when the mobile era of apps and business integrated websites and social media took an explosive upward turn. Who is to blame for this seemingly overnight phenomena --- young students? Yes, specifically, those at M.I.T. where a young man known as Aaron Swartz

Society now exists in a time when ingenuity is a necessary part of the job industry. 'Reading, 'Righting, and 'Rthimetic' aren't going to cut it and that is where the public school system has failed us. It’s the arts and creative programming as well as the efforts of the teachers that make a child’s learning useful and applicable in the tough economy where college diplomas are as common as tissue paper.

The Original 'MySpace'
-JFK (not Al Gore)

For years, students are forced to deal with incompetent professors who didn't know how to control the volume on their computer, that's about to play a thirty minute YouTube video, probably improperly copyrighted, and probably teeming with inappropriate comments underneath the video- you should of seen what this professors old classroom would say on a video about the ‘European Union’ or on ‘Oxford’.
Now, keep in mind these are the same teachers who tell students they are only allowed to use a limited amount of internet resources. And do you want to know why teachers are putting a limit on the amount of internet related material students can use in their papers? Because the majority of students are unaware of how to tell the difference between a reliable an unreliable website! and, why are they unable to determine if "a website called 'Ab0rti0n is Baby-ma55acre' is biased? is because they didn't learn proper website education in the first place!

It is so important in this digital age that the youth who are already swarming the social media aspect of the internet need to embrace the information and pay respects to the un-sung heroes of the internet who continue to fight for our freedom and against illegal corporate giants from turning the internet into the department of motor vehicles.

As long as teachers continue to berate students for using Wikipedia and as long as students continue to use information that only supports their thesis statement there is going to be a huge learning gap in this next generation. Teachers must overcome their own learning curve! For the first time in history, TEACHERS have to learn what the students have known for years. Instead of having decades of experience with scientific calculators, teachers are realizing what kids have known naturally, without realizing the fact: education and information online is cheaper, more efficient, and ultimately educational and beneficial to use the internet as a means of informing students about the information superhighway, which is made up of many tubes and will ultimately reshape the classroom.

Consumer Behavior of the Adult Student

The behavior that consumers display in searching for, purchasing, using, and disposing of products, services, and ideas is known as their consumer behavior. As young adults or older students of academia, it is important to recognize key aspects of their purchasing decisions if a university or even a business can successively target this group.

This group of adolescents who are also financially and biologically capable of going to school are well sought after especially in the media and during political decisions. This consumer tends to think liberally and is alright with the though of change.

To be successful in satisfying the needs of your target market, it is recommended that you take the step of market research to pinpoint and accurately describe exactly how and why you are capable of properly reaching the market. As a businessman who is focused on targeting young adults, specifically college level academics  it is important to remember that price will always be a factor. In addition, these purchasers have high expectations for what they will get for their hard earned student dollars.

To create satisfaction, there must first be assurance that their basic expectation for the products performance will be met. This includes factors such as 'How long it will take from purchase to actually owning the product (for example: online shipping).

These consumers are also very interested in customization. In every aspect of their life, being individualistic is common for this age. As students. we must remember that money must be spent in order for money to be earned. It is important to listen to advice from your peers and never let spending money interfere with studying.

Business Personality Profile

I usually see myself as organized, resourceful, and future oriented. My day to day activities are focused on graduating. My lifestyle appreciates learning, hard work, and monetary success. Developing computer software and creating websites are personal areas of interest. I like the intellectual challenge and creative possibilities of computer languages such as Python. I run various Linux operating systems and fully support open-source projects.
 I believe software needs to be shared along with various information and knowledge that should be free and easily accessible to the public. Apple, as a corporation, lies to the consumer, manufactures overseas, and profits off stolen software; regardless, I use their iPhone.
I’m an honest and trustworthy person, like Abraham Lincoln. The QR code was custom made and reflects my involvement in various aspects of the internet and technology.
 Some marketers blatantly target a desperate-to-believe audience through advertisements that include offers to earn one million dollars in a month. I always appreciated the manipulative efforts that went into cheesy advertisements like paid-programming shows. Creative arts play a huge role in my life, I like the talent and timeless nature of Ludwig van Beethoven’s music.

I grew up in New Orleans as a fan of the cities football team and have childhood memories of watching football with my family. The cup of coffee represents a vital part of my morning ritual which is never complete without java. Working at a coffee shop has only strengthened this routine. This collage demonstrates how I see my personality. The various images represent areas of personal interest and come together to create a single image that reflects my individual lifestyle.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

There is a tribute to Aaron Swartz located at the end of this review. It begins with the photo of Mr. Swartz for the readers who wish to read ahead.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology or M.I.T. is a prestigious and highly respectable university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their mission statement reads
"The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century"
M.I.T. specialized in developing the brightest minds from around the world. The impact the school has on the surrounding area is impressive. Our review was instantly going to be positive once their computer lab was shown. The technology at this school is incredible, simply astounding. Students have access to some of the latest and most powerful technology including computers that are in current use with NASA at this moment.

Established early in 1861 as a school for the elite, Massachusetts Institute of Technology was actually opened for students in 1865. The school played a important role in military defense during World War Two when the government asked the students for their help in fighting a war that didn't directly involve his country. Being the ambitious students that they are, the students eagerly helped defend the United States against the invading countries. Their rivals are Harvard because both prestigious universities are located in the same state and compete in similar athletic events.

This school also has a well organized and friendly admissions service although their admission rate was under 10% in 2011. This school guaranteeing a future of intellectual success and it is the dream of many engineers in sciences, physics, mathematics, computer engineering, and even arts to attend class as a Tim the Beaver, their school's mascot.

President: L. Rafael Reif
Colors: Cardinal Red and Steel Gray
Zip Code: 02139
Telephone: (617) 253-1000
Notable Alumni include the founder of the Texas Instruments calculator, various senators, supreme court justices, and government officials; as well as, Christina Romer, and the Prime Minister of Greece.

Our blog would like to take a moment aside from M.I.T.'s fantastic educational program to pay our respects to Mr. Swartz, a man who's life inspires millions of intellectuals. His work will not soon be forgotten, he was a courageous student and

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology declined to support their student, Aaron Swartz, when faced with severe legal ramifications for accessing JSTOR, an online collection of scholarly works. JSTOR fully supports Swartzs' actions making his untimely leaving even more sad. Their decision is believed to be influenced by money, though the school cited 'personal differences.'

Aaron Swartz wrote "Guerilla Open Access Manifesto" on January 18, 2013. It begins as "Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves." a startlingly truth that Mr. Swartz was one of the first to see clearly. He was able to see first hand what we all believe. Aaron Swartz was a remarkably intelligent computer programmer and activist and embodies what it means to be a renaissance man and how to responsibly use the gifts he was given to benefit everyone and not just himself.

Cause Analysis of Social Networking Popularity

What are the causes behind social networking’s mass popularity?

Why does everyone use Twitter now?

What makes Facebook better than MySpace?

Social networking sites appear to want everyone in the world to use their site. The site’s popularity in modern culture and today’s society is undeniable. Even though the popularity of specific social network sites peaks and falls, as a whole, social networking has gained and sustained massive popularity. These sites have engraved their name on the walls of modern popular culture. This trend emerged and continues to prosper because of social, cultural, and economic conditions.

Societal factors affected the growth and popularity of this trend. With the invention of the internet, society had opened up a door that would allow for certain web creators to make a fortune. As society made tremendous technological advancements, creative web developers came up with ideas that would form a phenomenon. Society’s ability to continue to make technological advances and changes allows for these networking sites to take off. Social networking sites take advantage of text messages, emails, and instant messaging and use those resources to create extremely popular sites.

The social conditions of these sites allow friends and family to stay in touch. Society as a whole has become incredibly reliable on communication through social networking sites. For some, keeping in contact with someone who doesn't have a social networking site is very difficult, even with a telephone number. Another contributor is that parents like to feel they are a part of the times while still keeping an eye on their child. Social networking sites have become an altogether new way to communicate across the world, especially as their availability on phones and pagers allows for instant access at any time of the day. As the ease of access to these sites gets easier, their popularity will only grow

To a bystander it would appear that today’s culture wants nothing more than to communicate with others without actually speaking. From emails to text messages, the ability to engage in or completely ignore a conversation is one that has enticed billions. Our culture began to favor nonverbal communication with the creation email, and with this the wonders of nonverbal communication began.

As the use of text messages and instant messaging became popular, web researchers were already looking for the next best thing. That next best thing was the social network MySpace. MySpace was the first social networking site to gain worldwide popularity. However, Facebook soon replaced MySpace as the favorite and now Twitter and Bebo begin to gain popularity with social network crowd as well.

Because of cultural causes social networking sites receive a lot of approval and support. The ability to distinguish oneself from the massive online crowd allow for a user to meet people more like him. Groups and causes are extremely popular among the more recent social networking sites. Groups based on everything from race and religion to favorite bands or television shows. These sites also allow for users to customize and express themselves through their web page. The ability to stand out from a crowd and also find users with similar interests, allows social networking sites such approval from its users.

An economic factor that adds to the sites popularity is its massive and diverse user body. The first users of early social networking sites were young boys and girls, and old men who really wanted to meet young boys and girls. However, social networking sites began to make drastic improvements in both security and convenience. Soon the age of the users began to spread. Facebook is accessed so frequently by young adults that's it's easy to see why they are bombarded with information and frustrated at the amount of advertises blatantly aimed towards them to spend their money on a corporate or business. Teenagers may find their parents even grandparents on popular social networks. This variety of users is a perfect audience for corporations and big companies to advertise to. They purchase their advertising space and have a specific spot on a user’s page. The specific social networking site changes as new companies come out, and the heavy flow of money changes hands pretty frequently. A recent Observer article, written by David Smith explains that currently Facebook has many more unique visitors monthly than the apparently obsolete MySpace. Earlier in 2008, MySpace had a much more popularity than the young Facebook.

Another economic factor that has allowed social networking sites to stay in business is its convenience to advertise as a small entrepreneur. Just as corporations benefit off the diversity of the users of social networking sites, small time entertainers and entrepreneurs benefit as well. Facebook has taken a hard hit because students were not keen to the idea of being directly marketed to based on their likes and dislikes. These small time workers don’t purchase advertising space like corporations; but create profiles, free of charge, and get themselves out there. Many actresses, musicians, comedians, and web designers have all made professional carriers for themselves, starting from a social networking site.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Bebo are trends that show no signs of stopping in its quest for worldwide usage. However, with such a gigantic fan base and a very generous income, these sites face many problems. According to a recent New York Times article, specific sites such as Facebook are facing many accusations and problems that they will have to accommodate. Despite the ease of access, convenience, and worldwide usage, the phone is undoubtedly losing its hip and popular ways. These sites have truly made an impact on the world. This trend undoubtedly gained such power because of the social, cultural, and economic causes that allowed it to survive.