ENGLISH 101-013 Debate

During the third presidential debate at Lynn University, Boca Baton, Florida Monday Oct 22nd 2012, President Obama accused GOP presidential nominee Gov. Mitt Romney of wanting to take America back to the economic policies that preceded the great depression. In their debate on Monday, Obama asserted that his rival’s plans will only revive the ‘‘economic policies of the 1920s’’. The comment typically implies that Mitt Romney plan seems like a replica of that of President Bush.

The theme of the leaders in 1920 was low taxes and light regulation and this is exactly what the Presidents rival is driving towards. Obamas implication that things did not work out so well then appealed to the audience, with the Wall Street crash and the great depression starting at the end of the decade under another republican, Herbert Hoover. We might not want to select someone who is following the same path.

In conjunction with this, another outstanding moment during this debate was the commander in chief’s horses and bayonets line. President Obama said ‘’ let me mention the navy for example we have fewer ships than in 1916, well governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them, ships that go under water, nuclear submarines…’’ Obama appealed to the audience by trying to portray the governor as someone who has policies and principles that will bring the country backward.

Example Greek Pledge Application

Fraternity or Sorority (Greek Life)
Prospective Pledge Application
Winter 2014 Recruitment
Name: ______________________________________________________________
Major: ______________________________________________________________
Classification: _________________________________________________________
Current GPA: ______________________________________________________
Graduating Year and Quarter: _____________________________________________
Do You Currently Hold a Job? If so, where: __________________________________
Are you involved in any other extra-curricular activities? If so, please list them as well as any leadership positions held previously and/or presently.
What do you think you could contribute to our Fraternity or Sorority?
I _____________________________, herby confirm that all of the above information is accurate and the Delta Sigma Pi, Professional Fraternity may use this information as a standard for measuring my eligibility for the consideration of my induction into Delta Sigma Pi.

Signature/Date ____________________________________________________________

CIS SQL Project and Research for Article Business

Class topic covered or search term/keyword: Advertisements
Article Title: Public Service Advertisements: Emotions and Empathy Guide Prosocial Behavior
Authors: Richard Bagozzi and David Moore
Publication: Journal of Marketing
Edition: Vol. 58, No. 1 (Jan., 1994), pp. 56-70
Publisher: American Marketing Association
Problem: Public Service Advertisements play on our emotions.
Synopsis: There are two different types of Public Service Advertisements. One type is aimed at individuals who need help, and the other is aimed at getting the public to help those that might be in need. When Public Service Advertisements are played, they generally do seem to have that frame of reference to them. An ad might have a man that had smoked cigarettes his whole life in a wheelchair because his health has diminished since he got sick from something caused by the cigarettes.
Compelling Quote from the Article:

Table 1.1
Create Table Employee01 (SSNnumber char(9) Not Null primary key, FirstName Varchar(15) not null, MidName Char, LastName Varchar(15) Not Null, Birthday date, Address varchar(50), Sex Char, Salary decimal(10,2) Default '800', SupervisorSSN Char(9), DepNum Int);

Alter Table Empolyee01 add Constraint SupervisorSSN Foreign Key (SupervisorSSN) References Empolyee01 (SSNnumber) ON DELETE SET NULL;
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PEER EVALUATION for Management 400 Group Project and Parent Form

Write your evaluation of your group members’ collaboration and contribution to your group project. Your evaluation will be confidential. Please rate each of your members on the scale from 1 (the worst) and 10 (the best).

Please type “Peer Evaluation – MGMT 400” in the subject of your email

Your evaluation should include the following information

Your name: …..
Your group: (name of your group project)

Name of member 1: Your evaluation of this member (for example, 7/10)
Name of member 2: Your evaluation of this member (for example, 7/10)
Name of member 3: Your evaluation of this member (for example, 7/10)

Your comments :


Dear Parent,

As a school component to the Education Reading Diagnostic course at this University, one of my students, ______________________________, has been assigned to your child’s classroom. He/She would like to work with your child to identify his/her reading strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, the teacher candidate will be able to offer one-to-one tutoring opportunities for your child during the school day.

We hope that you will support this opportunity to assist your child and help our teacher candidates gain experience working with students. Thank you for allowing our teacher candidates the opportunity to make a difference in your child’s life. Should you have any questions, please free to contact me.


Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership

College of Education

*Please return to your child’s teacher by 


--------------------------------------------------------------------cut here------------------------------------------------------------------

As the parent or legal guardian of ____________________________, I grant permission for my child to be tutored by an University teacher candidate during the next few months. I understand that the teacher candidate will be conducting reading interest inventories and diagnostic testing to assist in identifying reading strengths and areas for improvement as well as a list of recommended reading materials and that this information will be shared with me and my child’s teacher.

Parent/Guardian signature and then Date

Helpful Articles for Studying Business

The following articles are examples of the type of work which professors ask students to do for extra credit. This is a great way to ensure that at the end of the semester/ quarter/ or term, that the final grade is what is expected. Many times extra credit involves additional readings or general writing assignments which will be added to the overall classroom points. Teachers and professors appreciate students who complete extra credit assignments because it shows dedication and a level of serious in the students' academic studies.

1/2/13 C3
Banks Near Foreclosure Deal
1/5/13 C1
Big Banks Readying Payout Plans
Citigroup, for One, Will Seek Fed's OK for a 'Minimal' Share Buyback; Part of Year's 'Stress Tests'
1/7/13 C1
Rules for Lenders Relaxed
Regulators Agree to Ease Requirements for Meeting Guideline on Liquidity
1/10/13 C1
Mortgage Deals Came Just in Time
1/15/13 C1
J.P. Morgan Ordered to Fix Lapses
1/18/13 C1
Regionals Outplay Big Banks
Latest Earnings Reports Illustrate Benefits of Simpler Businesses, Sharper Focus
1/24/13 C3
Banks Fight Fannie Over Insurance
Mortgage Firm Wants to Cut Cost of Policies Forced on Homeowners, Lowering Lenders' Fee Income
Citi Adds to Drain of Funds at SAC
Multiple Relationships With Hedge-Fund Firm Are at Stake in Company's Decision to Redeem $187 Million
1/28/13 C1
Citi Crafts Comic Push for Survey's Top Ranking
1/30/13 C3
Banks Worry CFPB May Be Weakened
2/5/13 C3
Risks Under Review at U.K. Banks

2/6/13 C3
NYSE Takes Steps To Refill Showroom
2/13/13 C3
Fed Bank Chiefs Back Money-Fund Overhaul
2/11/13 C1
Is Bull Sprint Becoming a Marathon?
Recent Rally Has Sparked Debate Over Whether a 13-Year Stretch of Lackluster Returns Is Over
2/20/13 C3
BofA Rewards CEO for Revival in 2012
2/21/13 C3
Investors Seek to Split J.P. Morgan Top Posts

Nonbinding Proposal From Union, Pension Funds Aims to Separate Chairman and Chief Executive Roles Held by Dimon

2 Special Marketing Events

The 1st Event

My marketing event deals with a car dealership that I was at in Texas a while back. I was helping my cousin find a car with no luck. One of the car salesman finally walked up and began telling us about all the cars. We got to a car that my cousin was particularly fond of, but she did not like the price. The salesman performed a trick that he had planned before we even got there. The car was originally 16,999, but before we got there he flipped the 6 to look like a 9, so it read 19,999. When she was deciding on whether she wanted to pay the price, the salesman flipped over the 9 back to a 6. The deal supposedly looked really good, but he didn’t change the price at all. She ended purchasing the car due to the magic trick that the salesman pulled.

The 2nd Marketing Event

My marketing event entails a concert that will be going on tomorrow night, Friday, September 28, 2012. I was listening to 104.1, a popular country radio station around here, one morning and they were talking about Chris Young, a famous country singer, was going to be playing at Rabb’s Steakhouse on Friday. I actually had forgotten about it the first time that I heard about it, but almost every local country radio station was discussing this concert. So after Chris Young’s band manager’s marketing strategy of letting everyone in the local area know about the concert, I will be attending the event and it will probably be sold out.

nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio data for Psychology Undergraduates

Define nominal data and provide an example. A nominal data set is also known as a categorical data set. There is no indication of value within a nominal data set.

Define ordinal data and provide an example. With ordinal data you cannot state with certainty whether the intervals between each value are equal. An example would be a rating scale based on 1-10.

Define interval data and provide an example.The difference between intervals in equal. Do you agree strongly, somewhat, neutral, not at all.

Define ratio data and provide an example. A ratio variable, has all the properties of an interval variable, and also has a clear definition of 0.0

What is the difference between reliability and validity? Reliability is consistency of the data and validity is the data's accuracy.