Cornell University: Excellent Alumni Programs and Involvement

Cornell University College Cranium ReviewCornell is an Ivy League School with a vibrant social life. Established in 1865, Cornell University, Big Red, seven undergraduate colleges, including Hotel Administration, Arts and Science, and Engineering. Along with an excellent and rigorous educational plan, the Big Red Bears find time between studies to go out and have fun even though the weather is cold. Along with highly ranked dining services, Cornell's Greek life is active in the community and students enjoy partying. After graduation from college and often must go different ways, they realize that fun has given them outstanding connections in the business world on a national level. Being an alumni of Cornell means you have connections all over the world and are viewed as intelligent and prestigious because of graduating Cornell. The alumni have locations all over the nation including Michigan, where they indulge in an "3rd Friday All Ivy" Lunch with fellow Ivy League graduates. The Alumni from Cornell have recently participated with Habitat for Humanity in North Carolina and Miami. Alumni Involvement is high at Cornell and Alumnus are actively involved in lectures, lunches, and community service from California to Alabama and from New York to Atlanta. Where you go as a Cornell Alumni you will find a fellow Big Red Bear to welcome you.
A running joke in the television show, The Office (US), is that Andy Bernard is proud and boastful of the fact that he is a graduate of Cornell saying "We take care of each other." Andy often refers to himself as being better than others because he is a graduate of Cornell and when he steals the major paper supplier from Dunder Mifflin uses the business name "Big Red."

Location: Ithaca, NY
Motto: "I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study."
Colors: Carnelian and White