Twitter Butlers and the Future of Classrooms

Jobs exist today that didn't exist five years ago. "Twitter Butlers" is a profitable and extremely well paying job that duties require a third party 'live-tweeting' the actions of whomever they are catering to. Students are constantly being told to turn off their phones in class just so teachers can show some video on a projector from the internet. The writers of this blog would like to stress to teachers the importance of knowing how to work simple technology which the students have perfected since adolescence. The importance of unbiased and abstract thinking information is incredibly important in a digital era.

Imagine, without creative thinking or sparks of genius, engineers- the most unoriginal studiers out there- must think differently at some point or else their field wouldn’t advance with society and these brilliant servants of science would only be memorizing the same old formulas generation after generation. The same is true for computer programmers. For both engineers and computer programmers, the importance and challenge of learning the material is only half the battle. The other half of the program is recognizing where modifications and independent paths can be chosen instead of the textbook answer.

No university could prepare students for this sort of job world. Sixty-five percent, OVER HALF, of CEO's don't have a personal twitter and don't know how to use one for marketing gains. The impact of social media has grown like an epidemic. The heads of corporations were just realizing how to add their wife on Facebook when the mobile era of apps and business integrated websites and social media took an explosive upward turn. Who is to blame for this seemingly overnight phenomena --- young students? Yes, specifically, those at M.I.T. where a young man known as Aaron Swartz

Society now exists in a time when ingenuity is a necessary part of the job industry. 'Reading, 'Righting, and 'Rthimetic' aren't going to cut it and that is where the public school system has failed us. It’s the arts and creative programming as well as the efforts of the teachers that make a child’s learning useful and applicable in the tough economy where college diplomas are as common as tissue paper.

The Original 'MySpace'
-JFK (not Al Gore)

For years, students are forced to deal with incompetent professors who didn't know how to control the volume on their computer, that's about to play a thirty minute YouTube video, probably improperly copyrighted, and probably teeming with inappropriate comments underneath the video- you should of seen what this professors old classroom would say on a video about the ‘European Union’ or on ‘Oxford’.
Now, keep in mind these are the same teachers who tell students they are only allowed to use a limited amount of internet resources. And do you want to know why teachers are putting a limit on the amount of internet related material students can use in their papers? Because the majority of students are unaware of how to tell the difference between a reliable an unreliable website! and, why are they unable to determine if "a website called 'Ab0rti0n is Baby-ma55acre' is biased? is because they didn't learn proper website education in the first place!

It is so important in this digital age that the youth who are already swarming the social media aspect of the internet need to embrace the information and pay respects to the un-sung heroes of the internet who continue to fight for our freedom and against illegal corporate giants from turning the internet into the department of motor vehicles.

As long as teachers continue to berate students for using Wikipedia and as long as students continue to use information that only supports their thesis statement there is going to be a huge learning gap in this next generation. Teachers must overcome their own learning curve! For the first time in history, TEACHERS have to learn what the students have known for years. Instead of having decades of experience with scientific calculators, teachers are realizing what kids have known naturally, without realizing the fact: education and information online is cheaper, more efficient, and ultimately educational and beneficial to use the internet as a means of informing students about the information superhighway, which is made up of many tubes and will ultimately reshape the classroom.


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