Why Summer ending is good!

Congratulations to everyone who made it through high school and are planning to attend college soon! Depending on the school's schedule (semesters vs quarters), summer vacation is quickly coming to an end. Are you excited or upset?
An end to summer means an end to this heat that has plagued my southern state and most of the country. Fall is a great time of year and important for new freshman. This is the time when first impressions are made. That's right, high school class of 2012, you are no longer seniors, or the big shots at school. College is a whole new world, even though at times it may feel similar to high school, college brings together students from all over the world, with different backgrounds, personalities, and lifestyles.
Regardless, here are the top reasons we're glad that summer is over.
1. That heat. Aforementioned heat wave this summer was brutal. Sun burns and heavy sweats are only a few of the downsides to the high 90 degree weather. Enjoy the warmth while it lasts though because it's going to get cold soon!
2. Seeing old friends/ classmates. Especially at college, where distance can impact relationships, it's great to have classes to bring everyone back together in a familiar setting.
3. New responsibilities Maybe you took on a summer job or decided to find a hobby that took up a lot of your free time. Say goodbye to those ways, because your focus is on textbooks, lectures, and grades now.
4. No time left for excuses That's right, it's time to go on those vacations or weekend trips you've been wanting to go on but couldn't find the time. Once fall starts, regular routines start up. People go back to working 9 to 5's and students-young and old alike- are back in class. Even television bases it's lineup for the fall. Plus, after all the excitement of the Olympics, sports and cartoons basically all start once the summer ends.
5. No more tan-lines That's right, the season will soon be the time to bundle up in a jacket or at least a long-sleeve shirt. So no more tan-lines from the sun or waiting to wear your new fall wardrobe.
6. End of Summer Parties Time to get together for one last hoopla before school's back in session. For new freshman, this means saying good bye to friends who are going away to different universities and it means savoring the last moments of your lives when everything is simple, and reminiscing on old memories. Don't get too sad because you will surely see each other over breaks etc. but you will notice that college matures and changes students in short periods of time. Come Christmas your best friend or close friends may appear completely foreign.
7. No more boredom The promise of not being bored isn't a guarantee, but at least those summer thoughts of "I have literally nothing to do," can be replaced with "I have nothing to do... but I really should at least look at my [insert subject here]'s textbook."
8. Summer school is over! Prepare for your campus to fill up fast and for everyone to be returning to their normal routines. Depending on how summer school went, the end of these unorthodox classes may be one of the greatest blessings.

So, time to get back to work and organized for the upcoming school year. The weeks will go by fast even if the days seem to pass slowly. Stay tuned for more college reviews and advice now that school is back in session. So turn off Alice Cooper's "School's Out" and put on whatever song motivates your productivity because the daily grind and stress of schools has started, or for some is very close to being underway. Good luck in all your classes!


  1. I'll have to disagree ;p As soon as summer ends and it's a week into school, you want it to be summer all over again, it's a classic.

  2. Yeah summer should never end!!

  3. and the summer love?

  4. I agree totally, I really hate the heat, at least while i'm not on the beach and when summer ends new challenges are coming from everywhere and I'm starting to be useful...

  5. The heat is disgusting, i'd prefer to get a cold!

  6. Any schedule is okay for me as long as the job is easy.

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