School in Fall

School is back from the summer! Cases of "Senioritis" have cleared up throughout the country. Those effected by "Senioritis" have been cured of their laziness and superiority complex. For some seniors, the realization that by slacking off their last year of high school because they already got an acceptance letter from college, has left them without a school to attend, because even though an acceptance letter was sent, colleges still expect the same academic performance during the students final year. For those others freshman, during the first year remember to work hard, because an academically poor year cannot be undone and will be upsetting as a junior or senior.
In regards to G.P.A., a wise friend told us that 3.0 is the bare minimum if you are hoping to continue school even after a four year degree. The difference between a 2.99 and 3.0 is drastic. Think of it like a television commercial where items are sold for $19.99. That 20$ seems infinitely higher than only 19.99 (or so marketing suggest).
Meet as many people as you can this fall. The beginning of the school year offers orientations that can help you avoid becoming lonely or burnt out on school. This is an exciting time in any students life, but depending on your social skills, can also be nerve-rattling.
Orientation is also a perfect time to become comfortable with your new schools campus. Learn quicker paths to your classes that avoid over populated couriers which can leave you late for class. Alternative driving routes and parking spaces are easier to learn before it costs a course absence or tardiness.
Remember to not bring everything you own. As a freshman you are still far from the in dependency of home, and there is no reason to bring everything you own. Guitar Hero may have been fun in high school, but it will not help academically or socially... maybe that plastic guitar should get left and in its replacement, pack an extra blanket. Bringing too many personal items from home is a classic freshman mistake and leads to clutter especially in small dorm rooms.
Should I drop a class? When should I drop a class? Deciding to drop a class is an important decision to make. Dropping a class means instead of receiving a low letter grade, for whatever reason (personal, too many other challenging classes, professors style, etc.), a student can "drop" the class and take it again at a later date. Make sure to speak with advisers as well as the professor before deciding to drop a class, especially if much effort has already been invested in the course. This includes buying a the classes usually overpriced textbook. If a class is dropped and retaken later, the textbook edition could easily change, which will leave you with a wasted expense, which will sting as a broke student. Don't get lazy as a student and allow that to influence the decision to drop a course.
In class, don't be scared to ask questions regarding material that is unclear. Chances are other students are wondering the same thing. At the same time, pay attention, so if something becomes unclear, the professor won't say that question was already answered earlier during that class period. No one will think you are a loser or nerd for asking about difficult and complex material. Also, don't be the class-clown . This lesson can be learned the easy or hard way and it's ultimately the fact that everyone there is wanting to learn and/ or get on with their day. Save your outgoing and humorous charm for outside the classroom, where friends and colleagues will appreciate it more than the teachers.
Relax! Don't stress too much over school or social life. Realize that others have gone through similar if not identical situations and problems. By using a day planner, you can properly manage time and avoid procrastinating.
Be nice and courteous to everyone. This includes all those you think are weird. Avoid talking behind peoples back and stay away from gossip and drama. Trust me, as a student you will have more to think about than who Stacy Anderson is taking to dinner on Friday. Realize that many classes will not just have freshman, and that just because someone is a freshman doesn't mean they are the same age as you. Some classes that are required in your major may even have seniors in them, who will seem radically more experienced.


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  4. I will probably be back again to browse much more, many thanks for the data.

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