Fraternal Exam Alpha Kappa Psi

Fraternal Exam                                                                                           
What is Alpha Kappa Psi’s tag-line?

a.       Excellence in People, Excellence in Business

b.      Shaping People, Shaping Business

c.       Givin’ ‘em the Business

d.      Bears, Beats, Business.

When and where was the fraternity founded?

a.       July 4, 1776           Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

b.      May 15, 1939        Gotham City

c.       October 5, 1904    New York University, New York

d.      Circa 1180 AD      Troy, Greece

What is the term used to refer to the four founding fathers?

a.       Four Brothers

b.      Brooklyn Four

c.       Fantastic Four

d.      Four G’s.

Name one of the ten men who are credited as the founders of the fraternity.

a.       Captain Planet

b.      Antonio Banderas

c.       Irving L. Camp

d.      Ike Ajunwah

e.       Mufasa

How many meetings or required events can a student member miss unexcused per academic term before they are subject to suspension from the chapter?

_________________ per quarter

Name one set of governing documents of the fraternity.


In what region does our chapter belong?

a.       French Quarter

b.      The Land of Oz

c.       Central

d.      Southcentral

e.       Asgard

What is the regional director’s name?

a.       Ike Ajunwah

b.      Courtney Harrison

c.       Luke Skywalker

What annual gathering is held during the month of February?

a.       Parish Board Leadership Initiative

b.      Principled Business Leaders Institute

c.       Avengers Academy

What is the minimum number of AKPsi members that must attend this annual gathering?



Draw a picture of a bulldog in a business suit.


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